Q: Is credit or debit card acceptable for payment?
A: No, credit or debit card is NOT acceptable for payment. ONLY CASH is acceptable.
Q: How payment can be done?
A: Payment can be done by paying in ONLY SINGAPORE DOLLAR to the driver.
Q: Can I pay cash?
A: Yes, you can pay cash to the driver but ONLY Singapore Dollar is accepted.
Q: Is there any additional charges?
A: Yes, there is. There will be a charge of S$10 for every 30 minutes of waiting time. Additional of $10 will be charged for each additional pick up point as well as for each additional drop off point.
Q: When we have to do the payment?
A: Please do the payment to the driver upon pick up.
Q: All prices are based on per vehicle or per person of passengers?
A: All prices are based on per vehicle but not per person of passengers.
Q: What kinds of MPV models are provided?
A: MPV models provided are TOYOTA INNOVA, TOYOTA ALPHARD and HYUNDAI STAREX. Kindly informed that prices will be differ based on different MPV models booked. Please refer to PRICE LIST in our website or contact us for more details.
Q: Any charge extra if my flight is delayed?
A: We do charge for waiting time, but we do appreciate and encourage our clients to let us know about flight number in order to get our driver on track on your arrival in any time.
Q: How far in advance should make to book LimousinecabSG services?
A: Clients feel free to book our services any time before the pickup time. However, clients are encouraged to schedule your booking at least 3 days in advance due to MPV most probably are fully booked.
Q: How long in advance clients can be revised for their travel schedule?
A: Clients are encourage to make any travel changes within 24 hours before the travelling date. However, the acceptance of the revision will still depend on the availability of our MPVs.
Q: What happens after client successfully makes booking with LimousineCabSG service?
A: Booking confirmation based on client’s request quotation will be sent to client’s email within 24-48 hrs. Please simply reply the booking confirmation via email as soon as possible. If we do not receive any reply from the client, the request quotation consider as canceled. After receive the confirmation,  driver details which including driver’s name, driver’s mobile number  and vehicle number will be sent to client’s email or direct contact or SMS within a day before travelling date.
Q: When will client receives driver’s details?
A: Client will receives driver details which including driver’s name, driver’s mobile number and vehicle number by email or direct contact within a day before travelling date after received client’s confirmation.
Q: Can client receive confirmed driver in less than 12 hours of pick-up time on travelling date?
A: For client’s information, all bookings must be made at least 12 hours before the pick-up time. Any booking that is made in less than 12 hours are not guaranteed. This is to allow sufficient time for LimousineCabSG service to arrange for a driver for all our clients.
Q: How will driver locate client in the airport?
A: The driver will have client’s contact details and will be waiting at the arrival hall with carrying a board that has the client’s name on it.
Q: How long does it take to travel from Singapore to Johor Bahru?
A: It depends on traffic condition which may takes approximately 2 hours to reach Johor Bahru depart from Singapore.
Q: Should clients get off from MPVs when cross-border between Singapore and Malaysia?
A: No. The clients should not get off anywhere from MPVs when cross-border between Singapore and Malaysia. Clients should sit in the MPVs during the entire journey towards final destination.
Q: Does LimousineCabSG provide transport from Singapore to Johor Bahru only or vice-versa?
A: We are not only providing transport from Singapore to Johor Bahru or vice-versa but also towards the entire west Malaysia.


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